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    • Nutritional Chef & Culinary Educator

      Garden Kitchen
      • Full Time
      • 2 weeks ago
    • Health and Nutritional Wellness Counselor and Coordinator

      Montgomery Heart & Wellness
      • Full Time
      • 3 weeks ago
    • Lead Photographer

      Petit Vour The crème de la cruelty-free
      • Full Time
      • 1 month ago
    • Marketing Manager

      Petit Vour The crème de la cruelty-free
      • Full Time
      • 1 month ago
    • Chef, Sous Chef & Kitchen Assistant, Summer Camp Job in Veggie Kitchen

      Legacy International Generating Citizen Particpation Worldwide
      • Temporary
      • 2 months ago
    • Undercover Investigator (Animal Cruelty)

      Mercy For Animals
      • Full Time
      • 2 months ago
      • May 7, 2017
    • Food Video Production

      Dreena Burton
      • Part Time
      • 16 hours ago
    • New Media Intern

      600 Million Dogs Developing the Cure for Animal Overpopulation
      • Full Time
      • 2 days ago
    • Agent/Distributor/Stocklist/Licensee

      Besos Food & Drinks Naughty but Nice vegan products
      • Full Time
      • 4 days ago
      • Jun 30, 2017
    • Inn keeper

      Pebble Cove Farm
      • Full Time
      • 2 weeks ago
    • Animal Caregiver

      Full Circle Farm Santuary
      • Full Time
      • 3 weeks ago
    • Chef, Sous Chef and Kitchen Assistants needed for Int’l Summer Camp’s Veggie Kitchen

      Legacy International Generating Citizen Participation Worldwide
      • Temporary
      • 4 weeks ago
    • Raw Vegan Chef Instructor

      Tree of Life Center US An Oasis for Healing and Reconnecting to the Soul
      • Full Time
      • 2 months ago
      • Apr 30, 2017

    Job Spotlight

    Chef, Sous Chef & Kitchen Assistant, Summer Camp Job in Veggie Kitchen

    Virginia Temporary

    The Global Youth Village, a residential, international leadership camp in Virginia’s Blue Ridge foothills, is seeking seasonal food service staff

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    Recent Resumes

    • Ingrid Oravcova

      Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach
      Lytham Saint Annes, England
      • Health
      • Updated 2 days ago
    • Katherine Stutz

      Dietetic Technitian
      Deer Park, Texas
      • Other
      • Updated 4 days ago
    • Lorena Davis

      Human Resources Director, VP HR, CHRO
      Brea, California
      • Recruitment
      • Updated 4 days ago
    • Trisha Hillier

      Nutrition/Marketing Graduate
      Toronto, Ontario
      • Marketing
      • Updated 2 weeks ago
    • Teresa Gonzales

      Animal Caregiver
      Redlands, California
      • Automotive, Customer Service, Driving, Hospitality, Medical, Nursing, Other, Retail
      • Updated 2 weeks ago
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    Job Spotlight

    Nutritional Chef & Culinary Educator

    Texas Full Time

    The Garden Kitchen at Montgomery Heart & Wellness (MHW) is seeking an individual to work with the medical director to

    Undercover Investigator (Animal Cruelty)

    Canada Full Time

    Undercover Investigator Objective: To obtain employment at factory farms and slaughterhouses in order to document conditions. Investigators must be prepared

    Marketing Manager

    Texas Full Time

    About Petit Vour (pronounced, “pet-ee vor”) For those seeking to use their creative passion to change the world, Petit Vour

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