Director of Operations- Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • May 30, 2018
Full time Human Resources Management Marketing Non-Profit Veterinary Services

Job Description


Seeking a director of operations in Hanoi at animal rights organization and rescue shelter


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage the cash flow of the organization, making daily decisions about budget and fundraising strategy
  • Manage 75% of the fundraising process while recruiting and managing board members to handle their share
  • Recruit staff and volunteers as needed for the work and train in them in their respective roles
  • Network among the local animal rescue and animal rights organizations in Vietnam, as well as expand our circle of influence to parties that will benefit from an alliance with animal rights such as environmental groups and political actors
  • Manage media outlets including social media marketing as well as requests for print, tv, and audio interviews
  • Work on adoptions both in Hanoi and by coordinating adoptions abroad
  • Manage the day to day needs of the animals in the Hanoi shelter
  • Work on the development of our social enterprise as part of our comprehensive fundraising strategy
  • Develop and manage the mass sterilization programs, education programs, and capacity building projects for Vietnamese grassroots animal rights organizations



  • 4 year degree or equivalent work experience, ideally in marketing, politics, international relations, sociology, or other subjects that can easily apply to the duties of this work
  • Knowledge of the situation of animal rights in Vietnam and globally in addition to having an understanding (or be keen on learning) the political and social context in which animal rights exists and our limitations within that as a foreign organization
  • This role will not be suitable for a non-vegan as we are strictly vegan at both of our facilities and advocate for nothing less than a vegan diet for the case of animal rights
  • Excellent proficiency in written and verbal communication in English, ideally in other languages such as French or German, willing to learn Vietnamese
  • Reliability and maturity in the face of difficult and frustrating experiences that can be very confrontation with your own cultural values
  • Time spent living and working abroad, ideally in developing countries
  • This is not a role for a fresh graduate, but someone with a minimum of 5 years work experience with progressively higher levels of accountability
  • Work experience with animals, preferably with a vet clinic or rescue program and with some exposure to farm animals
  • Knowledge of social media and marketing
  • Professional appearance and demeanor- we work hard in whatever clothes we can get dirty in, but when interacting with the public and in meetings, we require staff to dress and act professionally as in any other international development organization



  • 20 million VND a month
  • onsite accommodations at the Hanoi villa in Tay Ho which includes a large queen size bed, AC/heating, shared bathroom, Western style kitchen, beautiful balconies and garden
  • 21 days paid vacation, 10 days sick leave
  • 5 and half day work week
  • Travel to conferences locally and globally as necessary and as funds allow
  • Please note: We require the candidate to have health insurance and we are not able to provide that through our company or organization. Candidate must pay for their own health insurance which includes medical evacuation and emergency coverage.  Also be sure to have all vaccinations before coming to Vietnam, including rabies

If you are a vegan with experience working directly with animals, consider yourself to be a clean, reliable, and hard-working individual who is devoted to professionalism in animal rights advocacy, and would like to join an established organization working in Vietnam for 5 years, please submit your CV with 3 professional references and a cover letter. The position is for a minimum of one year and work permit is available after 3 month trial period.