Qualitative Research and Analysis (Strategy Team)

  • Animal Think Tank
  • Hybrid (Lancaster, UK)
  • Jun 06, 2024
Full time Research

Job Description

Role purpose

Leading qualitative analysis, as well as collaborating with the Strategy team on strategy projects to derive key insights and effective strategies for driving systemic structural change towards Animal Freedom.

About the role

This is a key role that will be contributing to Animal Think Tank's long-term strategy research projects, shaping our strategy plan for the next 5 to 15 years, which will spearhead the Animal Freedom Movement in the UK.

About the Strategy Plan Project

To organise our Strategy plan, we are adopting the Grand Objective and Strategic Milestone model from the International Centre for Non-violent Conflict (ICNC). This model provides a structured framework:
1. Grand Objective (40 Years): A comprehensive goal guiding our long-term efforts.
2. Strategic Milestones (5–15 years): The intermediate steps are crucial for realising the Grand Objective.
3. Campaigns and Tactics: The plans and approaches for each milestone.
Through extensive research and consultations within the movement, we have identified eight potential long-term legislative grand objectives and ten strategic milestones. We are currently crafting plausible roadmaps in the form of strategy maps to achieve each grand objective. Following additional consultations and research, we will carefully select the most feasible grand objective and roadmap. Collaboration with diverse groups within the Animal Freedom Movement is indispensable for the success of our strategy plan.

Initial objectives and key results

The role's overall objective is to provide the muscle of qualitative research for the Strategy team by focusing on current and future projects and creating effective summary reports with key insights. You will also Identify opportunities and areas of focus that will be beneficial for our long-term plan to achieve animal freedom.

Key Result 1: Review Existing Strategy Research Project Reports
Conduct qualitative data analysis and provide insightful summary reports.
Identify areas for further research or potential opportunities based on these reviews.

Key Result 2: Lead and Deliver on New Strategy Research Projects
Lead on new research projects to support ongoing strategy plan requirements.

Key Result 3: Support Additional Strategy Needs
You will also work on ad-hoc projects and initiatives within strategy team that may arise from time to time to support our goals.

Who we're looking for

  • You have experience in qualitative research, preferably within the social sciences domain
  • You have analytical skills to quickly derive key insights from research.
  • You have excellent writing skills for summarising studies and compiling literature reviews.
  • You're able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • You're self-motivated with initiative.
  • You're detail-oriented while being able to think big-picture and long-term.
  • You're passionate about animal freedom.
  • You're able to hold and integrate different perspectives.

You shouldn't take this role if

  • You find it difficult working with others and prefer to work on your own.
  • You don't enjoy research, writing, reading and big picture thinking.

Role requirements

  • Short-term (minimum 12 months) or long-term.
  • Option of remote for working in the short-term (including occasional visits to Lancaster); office based if long-term
  • Priority will be given to applicants who can work full-time, long-term and office-based.