Volunteer Social Media Manager with a passion for animal rights

  • Cage Undefined
  • Remote
  • May 30, 2024
Remote Work Marketing Non-Profit Remote Job

Job Description

We are looking for a volunteer to help us increase brand awareness, and drive engagement to our animal rights organization.

Do you have spare time to do one or more of the following:

  • Develop social media strategy

  • Design posts for social media channels

  • Write posts for social media channels

  • Regulary post on at least one of the social media channels

  • Identify and collaborate with influencers and brand advocates


  • Understanding of various social media platforms, their features, and best practices

  • Knowledge and ability to work with Adobe Creative Cloud / Canva is a plus

  • A strong commitment to veganism, animal rights, and our mission


  • Demonstrate social media management experience and/or a portfolio of content

  • Currently pursuing or having a degree in Marketing or a related field is a plus

Schedule and Time Commitment:

  • Whatever time you can spare but a minimum of 2 hours per week

  • Remote job

  • This is a volunteer opportunity

Our Mission:

We are ethical animal rights activists with valuable skills that we coordinate to effectively bolster the animal rights movement in any way we can. We are working towards a world where cages cease to exist, where no living being dies unnecessarily, suffers oppression, or is abused in any way. We hope that one day, all cages are not only eradicated but that the definition of cages doesn’t even exist in our vocabulary.

What We Do:

We help vegan and ethical organizations of all sorts set up their online presence using cutting-edge technologies powered by wind energy and running on sustainable hardware. We create websites, apps, infrastructure, and custom-made software for AR-aligned organizations. We also offer them privacy-centered cloud solutions and a secure, safe, and encrypted mail server.

We Are:

  • Flexible: We understand this is an unpaid position; therefore, we will be grateful for any time commitment you can spare. In exchange, you get work experience and projects for your portfolio

  • Mission-Driven: Join us, and together, we can make a difference in the world and create a more compassionate future

  • Inclusivity Advocates: We celebrate diversity and are committed to providing equal chances for everyone, in order to create an inclusive environment for all employees (regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity or background)