Executive Assistant/House Manager

  • Mobius Life
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • May 21, 2018
Full time Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Executive/Personal Coordinator

Job Description: Executive Assistant would effectively provide seamless administration support to Ari Nessel, and to a lesser extent his wife Rebecca and the Mobius executive team (Biru Pandya and Daniel Rachman). Duties would be assisting the following: meeting preparation, extensive calendar management,
travel itineraries, purchasing, financial administration and special projects. Personal Assistant duties will include administrative support to household members. Anticipated location of role would be split 60% working from Ari’s house in Ross (Marin County, CA) and 40% from assistant’s home.

Primary responsibilities:
Financial Administration
+Bill payment and credit card management- paying bills, categorizing expenses for bookkeeper
+Monitoring of monthly business travel, donations, and subscriptions
+Purchasing of various items (work and personal)
+Insurance: maintenance of all insurance policies (personal and business), homeowners.
+Manage vendors to maintain home
+Coordination with bookkeeper and accountants

Calendar Management
+Scheduling of intensive calendar (meeting, flights, conference calls and social obligations)
+Preparation for gatherings: travel, accommodations and transportation

Business Specific Tasks
+Review and maintain all professional memberships
+Office management: responsible for ensuring proper and adequate inventory of all business supplies, cleaning supplies, food, telephone and computer maintenance.
+Special projects: renovation of Banyan Grove, Awakin Circle preparations, group retreats etc.

+Booking flights, car rental, and hotels for both family and business
+Special projects: summer trips, expeditions, group travel

Personal Specific Tasks
+Monitor and handle all cell phone related issues, lost phones, updating data usage, monitor expenses
+Arranging meals for Ari during the week and for family/guests on occasion
+Responsible for payroll of household vendors
+Picking up mail and overnight mail
+Responsible for medical insurance forms for reimbursement from insurance company
+Special projects: coordinating event ticket purchases, unplanned purchases/sales, etc.
+Taking care of dogs when Ari and family are out of town
+Keeping Ari on task for important but non-urgent items (meditation, yoga, hikes with dogs…)
+Picking up and dropping off Jonah (age 11) and Deven (age 8) to various activities

+Self motivated individual possessing the genuine desire to improve the quality of the lives of the members you support. Positive attitude with a sense of integrity and confidentiality.
+Alignment with organizational culture of Mobius. This includes a longing to serve something bigger then one’s self, grounded in compassion, kindness and personal transformation
+Eats a vegetarian or vegan diet
+Has a practice of mindfulness or is interested in developing one
+Accountable and takes ownership of responsibilities, seeing them through with minimal supervision
+Capacity to problem solve and develop creative solutions, often through dialogue
+Highly organized and tends to stay on task
+Desire to build long term relationship with Ari, his family and broader Mobius team
+Superior written and oral communication skills
+Strong computer skills, including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint
+Bonus points for being certified to teach yoga or knowledge of Non-Violent


+401K with a match of up to 4%. Current match formula is: 100% of the first 3% that you contribute, and then an additional 50% of the next 2% contributed. The maximum match is 4% if you contribute 5% into the 401k plan.
+Health Insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield plus comprehensive dental and vision through Aetna.
+Salary will be competitive and partly based on applicant’s previous income
+Well-being package that includes:
Professional Development: For coursework or gatherings connected to Mobius values, aligned with the real estate industry, or aligned to your general function. Any coursework that is taken and passed will be reimbursed 100% up to $3,000 over the calendar year.

Mind/Body Wellness: For growth opportunities unrelated to professional work, such as gym, yoga, cooking class, acupuncture therapy, sports classes, and potentially many others. Idea is for active involvement in mind/body growth. Reimbursed 80% up to $1,000 over the next year. Up to one-week additional paid vacation for meditation retreats.

Personal Development: For transformational opportunities that shift how we perceive the world. Includes possibilities such as coursework (Landmark course, Hoffman process), long-form trainings (yoga teacher training, etc.), wisdom practices (intensive mindfulness coursework, indigenous training coursework), attending gatherings (compassion in business conference, etc.). Reimbursed 80% up to $1,000 over the next year. If the opportunity presented requires time-off, please specify for possibility of paid time off for this pursuit.

Animal Welfare: Support of Nessel community pets, 100% reimbursement of expenses for necessary vet bills/medicines/surgeries up to $300 over the next year.

Stakeholder Support: Intention of supporting 1 property to offer matching donations (up to $50) for any resident who wishes to support their favorite 501c3 non-profit (with proof). Additionally, supporting contractors through a variety of initiatives over the next year.

About Mobius:
+ Mobius is a capital allocation office. We engage with the world using as stewards of various resources. We believe that it is through the integration of inner development and outer service that the conditions for collective thriving emerge.
+ We use an integrated capital approach to develop multiple forms of wealth (money, soil, wisdom, community, property, knowledge). We focus on the areas where our skills and relationships are strongest – redeveloping habitable spaces, abating suffering, and inclining well-being. Prioritizing a process-orientation that allows for collective emergence and personal development.
+Our capital:
-Financial: investments, donations, loans, guarantees, flow funds, mezzanine/warrants, non-commercial terms, trust-based approaches
-Transcending finance: connections/relationship development, mindfulness retreats, culture development, leadership development
-Creative Conditions: Mobius donates 50% of profits yearly; Mobius operates from a sense of abundance

If interested, please check out the Mobius website to get a feel for Ari’s work in the world. If you share with him a longing to manifest a more environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet, please submit your resume and cover letter. Thanks!

*Previous Experience as an Executive Assistant required.*

*Local candidates only.*