Taste Truck Tour Manager

  • PETA
  • Remote
  • Dec 05, 2023
Full time Non-Profit

Job Description

As the Taste Truck Tour Manager, you will be responsible for working with caterers and other chefs to provide unique, elevated culinary experiences, and operating PETA’s educational vegan food “Taste Truck” on extensive nationwide tours. You will also coordinate, develop, and execute a tour plan and programming to provide tasty vegan food to events and communities nationwide. This is the perfect opportunity with someone who has restaurant experience, wants to travel, and bring delicious tastes of vegan food nationwide! 

What to Expect:

Travel the country working with local restaurants and chefs to offer tastes of unique vegan cuisine. We are seeking a responsible, committed, and independent person to drive and manage PETA’s educational vegan food “Taste Truck.” You will be solely responsible for driving the truck along a tour route, stopping in various cities and working with local restaurants and chefs, introducing people to exciting vegan options they never knew existed.

You should be confident and have experience with operating and parking a large vehicle and have an excellent driving record. The ideal candidate will be punctual and comfortable traveling long distances in the name of bringing good vegan food to everyone. This position requires willingness and ability to travel and you are expected to live on the road until the completion of each tour.  

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

• Travel extensively for long periods of time to take PETA’s food truck to events and cities around the country

• Work closely with the Campaigns Department, restaurants, and activists to plan tour routes, and coordinate both large and small-scale giveaways

• Manage all logistical aspects of the tour and build out the Taste Truck programming including securing permitting, certificates, and licenses necessary for the preparation and distribution of tasty vegan food

• Plan tour routes with Campaigns Manager and other stakeholders

• Facilitate Taste Truck events and handle items like cooking, using kitchen utensils and equipment, assembling vegan dishes, taking orders and cleaning duties 

• Facilitate outside contractors to work within the food truck for specialty cuisine, including:

     o Identify and contract private contractors (existing restaurants, food truck owners, etc) for specific dishes/cuisines

     o Work with the Legal Department to draft and execute contracts for contractors/venders

     o Manage the contractors to ensure quality control and vegan-approved products

• Manage and operate the Taste Truck tour, maintaining cleanliness, organization and handling routine maintenance such as fueling and propane tanks 

• Conduct research and analysis on relevant campaign targets and events 

• Develop and manage specific projects as determined by campaigns manager and other stakeholders

• Manage PETA expenses for the tour 

• Liaise with PETA office staffers to promote and encourage Taste Truck programming on social-networking sites, weekly highlight reports, and corresponding blog posts

• Catalog and process all data gathered on tours and at events

• Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


• Experience working on a food truck is a plus! Previous restaurant or catering experience is required.

• Must be familiar with culinary, and vegan food concepts, practices, and procedures including food handling, storage, preparation and cooking

• Thorough knowledge of sanitation and food safety guidelines, ensuring stringent standards of sanitation, safety and cleanliness are maintained

• Ability to maintain and earn food safety qualifications, licenses, and permits 

• Ability to travel full-time through the completion of the tour

• Experience driving large vehicles

• Willingness and ability to travel extensively via driving far distances and keep a flexible schedule

• Proven ability to work independently and with minimal supervision 

• Knowledge of the vegan lifestyle, animal rights issues, and PETA campaigns

• Prepared and able to commit to working in all weather conditions 

• Professional appearance and demeanor 

• Adherence to a vegan lifestyle

• Personable manner and the ability to communicate effectively with people

• COVID-19 full vaccination and booster recommended

• Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and an excellent driving record

• Able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly

• Ability to walk and stand for several hours at a time

• Commitment to the objectives of the organization

The salary range for this position is $41,600 to $64,480 annually. The ultimate salary within this range that will be offered to a qualified candidate will be determined based on the candidate’s experience and the cost of living in the area in which the candidate will live and work. 

A list of benefits available to qualified employees is available here.