Customer Service & Social Media Support

  • Goddess Provisions
  • Remote
  • Nov 18, 2020
Freelance Customer Service

Job Description

Goddess Provisions offers a monthly subscription box packed with tools like crystals, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, natural beauty products, jewelry, and ritual tools to help nurture the goddess within. We are a vegan & cruelty-free company. 

We’re currently seeking to hire a Customer Service & Social Media Support team member who will be responsible for supporting our customer service & social media team. This will position will start as part-time with approximately 20 hours per week but has the potential to grow into a full-time position. This will be an online freelance position available to qualified candidates with a reliable Internet connection and available 9am-5pm on or between EST or PST time zones. 

Read on to find out if you’re a match...

You have 1+ year experience doing online customer service for an ecommerce company as well as experience contributing to managing an Instagram page on behalf of a brand. You likely have gained this experience while working for a small company where you wore many hats, quickly becoming indispensable to the founders. You currently have a part-time job that’s going well but not your dream job, or are in between gigs and holding out for an opportunity that’s perfectly aligned with your ethos and interests. You are...

  • adored by everyone you work with
  • upbeat
  • optimistic but realistic
  • loyal
  • great with words
  • good with tiny details
  • incredibly organized
  • hyper-efficient
  • very resourceful
  • empowered
  • tech-savvy
  • forward-thinking
  • very excited about finding efficient ways to organize customer service & social media 
  • able to grasp a brand’s voice and vibe easily
  • able to see “holes” in processes or projects
  • highly intuitive
  • used to reading everything thoroughly before responding
  • dedicated to your spiritual & self-care practice so you can keep balanced 

Did we basically just describe you? If so, keep reading…

You absolutely must have experience with:

- 1+ year experience in online customer service on behalf of an ecommerce brand with responsibilities like responding to customer emails using a tool like HelpScout or ZenDesk and coordinating logistics on shipments.

- 1+ year experience in Instagram brand page coordination, responding to comments, managing the DM inbox, and commenting on customer product photos.

Extra points if you have experience with:

- Coordinating product reviews on behalf of a brand

- Managing an affiliate program on behalf of a brand

- Using an online project management tools like Basecamp

- Using tools like oracle cards, crystals, aromatherapy, sacred geometry and more in your personal or professional life

- Familiarity with Goddess Provisions

How to Apply
If this role sounds right up your alley and you meet all of the requirements listed above, please send an email to our co-founder Jill at jill@goddessprovisions with the following (don't apply via this website):

  1. Details about your experience working in ecommerce customer service & Instagram brand pages, including some details about the brands you’ve worked with and the kind of responsibilities you had. 
  2. A link to a video introducing yourself and explaining the experience you have that makes you qualified for this position in 1-3 minutes (no fancy editing required!). It can be hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox or posted as a unlisted YouTube video, but please make sure has access to view it.
  3. At the bottom of your email, copy & paste the italicized description in this job ad that describes the type of person we’re looking for and bold the traits that accurately describe you. Just below this, also copy & paste the "extra points" section and bold the experience you have. Honesty is key! 
  4. Attach your resume as a PDF

Pro-tip: Jill is an Aquarius and a 1/3 Projector in Human Design. She is seeking a super magical person who wants to fully dedicate themselves to helping Goddess Provisions grow via this role. Make sure your email is concise, personal, mention your zodiac sign & human design type + profile number (or attach body graph), and creatively conveys the magical being you are! 

This job is open for applications until Nov 30 or when we find the perfect match.