Digital Vegan Platform Assistant Virtual

  • Beyond Animal
  • Remote
  • Jul 30, 2020
Intern Administrative Assistant Customer Service Marketing Remote Job Research

Job Description

Candidate should be able to give aid and assist in the collation of vegan-related resources, creating and managing assigned groups in the website, sourcing and uploading data and accurate information, and increasing user engagement in the platform.


• Can communicate effectively and speak to Beyond Animal’s ethos.
• Desire to achieve success of the Platform, even if that requires conducting monotonous work at times.
• Attentive to detail.
• Self-starting and motivated.
• Excellent writing skills.
• Responsive in communication from users and other members of the team.
• Can use search engines effectively.

Nice to have: 

• Competent at using Adobe Products for Editing and Creating Content.


• Engaging on the platform on behalf of Beyond Animal.
• Creating posts and interacting with others’ posts.
• Moderating comments.
• Aiding in our expansion via other social media platforms, developing funnel.
• Assisting in the creative process for graphics, videos, and other content.
• Researching and reporting possible Opportunities for Beyond Animal to be a partner.
• Researching finance, investing, and business-related vegan news for sharing on the platform.
• Researching and writing about vegan-related trends in different sectors of the ecosystem.
• Researching and posting vegan-related events.
• Outreach to businesses on Beyond Animal capabilities.


• Increase the number of users and user activity inside the Beyond Animal Platform.
• Populating the Website with vegan-related resources.
• Contribute creative content for Beyond Animal.
• Communicate effectively to users the purpose of Beyond Animal.

Time requirement:

Two hours per day, 4 days a week.


This is an unpaid role. Beyond Animal will provide certification of work done for use in future job applications