Senior Operations Lead

  • Charity Entrepreneurship
  • London, UK
  • Jan 15, 2020
Full time Accounting Administrative Assistant Legal Non-Profit

Job Description


The best charities in the world have a huge impact. Charity Entrepreneurship is a startup incubator dedicated to getting more great nonprofits founded. Our organization conducts research to identify the most promising potential charitable interventions, then runs a training program that incubates 10+ evidence-based charities per year. Focus areas include animal advocacy, health policy, mental health, and family planning.


Your role will be to lead the operations department and help Charity Entrepreneurship, and dozens of new charities, to run highly effectively. Many new organizations are slow to have an impact due to their struggle with the logistics of running an organization. A strong operations lead can make a huge difference, positively impacting the lives of thousands of animals and humans. You will also have a significant role in shaping the long-term operations team.


This role is diverse and challenging, requiring a problem solver’s mindset and strong attention to detail. Our organization is unconventional, and, as we help many different charities, the work ends up being highly diverse with often an unclear path forward. The Senior Operations Lead needs to excel under uncertainty and develop adequate solutions to a wide range of dilemmas. As an operational lead, you are responsible for finance, accounting, logistics, HR, and grant management.

Tasks will include the following:

  • Managing other members of the operations team
  • Creating hiring contracts and grant agreements; helping create onboarding processes
  • Leading any HR work
  • Coordinating incoming and outgoing grants
  • Determining the best investment strategies for runway money
  • Filing year-end tax forms
  • Finding a larger office space for our growing team
  • Coordinating with multiple newly-founded charities to set up earlier-stage operations systems
  • Determining strategies for accommodation and living costs reimbursements for program attendees
  • Creating flexible, versatile systems that could be used by new charities in the future
  • Overseeing accounts and bookkeeping
  • Working with the CEO of Charity Entrepreneurship to oversee CE UK establishment as a legal entity and registered charity in the UK (to complement our existing Canadian and Indian charity registration)
  • Coordinating with the Charity Commission to secure charitable status and ensure ongoing compliance with the Charity Commission’s requirements

Given the relatively small size of our nonprofit, the ideal candidate would also have skills in more general areas, such as communications and finance, in order to assist with these tasks based on organizational needs.


  • Passion for doing good in the world and an excitement for helping Charity Entrepreneurship expand to new projects and/or launch additional charities
  • Background doing similar work
  • Enthusiasm for creating and optimizing systems
  • Intelligent and quick learner
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Detail-oriented individual
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Minimum intermediate skills with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Calm under pressure
  • Comfortable with risk and ambiguity
  • Good organizational skills and ability to organize tasks and big projects coherently

You can see more about what makes a good operations lead here


  • ​​Interest in founding an effective charity in the future
  • Understanding of Canadian and/or UK tax systems
  • Comprehension of Quickbooks
  • Local to London or willing to relocate
  • Have followed the written output from Charity Science or Charity Entrepreneurship projects
  • Good understanding of effective altruism concepts


  • Work in a job with a huge impact on the world
  • Get to know the Charity Entrepreneurship team and work in a startup culture
  • Gain experience with an effective altruism nonprofit
  • Work with like-minded, dedicated, and compassionate teammates
  • Be part of a casual environment, with little organizational bureaucracy
  • Get a strong resume reference and build a wide set of skills
  • Enjoy flexible work hours and environment 
  • Receive training in important skill-sets​​


  • Expected hours: Full-time
  • Reports to: CEO or COO
  • Location: London-based
  • Pay: Amount dependent on role fit and employee needs; £20,000-£40,000
  • Application deadline: January 27th
  • The strongest candidates will be contacted for the first-stage interview