• Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Aug 15, 2019
Full time Education

Job Description

FFAC is seeking a regional director to raise awareness about factory farming and empower people to make sustainable, compassionate food choices. The primary responsibility is giving presentations to schools, businesses, and community groups about the impacts of factory farming on animals, workers, and the environment. The job also entails planning local events, and managing volunteers and interns.



The job will be full-time during the school year, with limited potential to work over the summer. It is approximately 40 hours per week, though the schedule is flexible and varies from month to month. Pay is based on the number of people reached plus hourly work.


Skills Required:

We are seeking candidates who are: 

  • Skilled at public speaking
  • Knowledgeable about factory farming and the food system
  • Passionate about social justice as well as animal and environmental protection
  • Friendly
  • Willing to meet people where they are and promote gradual dietary change
  • Organized
  • Motivated, with high level of self-sufficiency
  • Able and willing to work remotely
  • Excellent communication skills


To Apply:

Please submit resume and cover letter explaining your interest and background in factory farming/food systems work.