Vegan Pledge Organizer

  • Peace Advocacy Network
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • May 31, 2019
Part time Other

Job Description

PAN runs various vegan pledge programs in cities across the country. Each Vegan Pledge program guides approximately 30 people through 30 days of being vegan with the program’s hands-on support. This support includes five weekly meetings consisting of cooking demonstrations, speakers addressing environmental, ethical, health, and practical issues, a mentor (experienced vegan), optional social events for even more support, and an incredible care package to make 30 days of being vegan that much easier. The program is entirely free for participants.

PAN is hiring vegan pledge organizers to establish and coordinate additional Philadelphia-area programs. The coordinator will be required to help organize the pledge program, assemble guest speakers, coordinate volunteers, promote the program (by hanging flyers, posting in online forums, getting press about it, etc.), assemble care packages, organize food that is served at each program, attend all five weekly meetings, run the meetings (introduce the speaker, make sure the speaker abides by time restraints, make sure food is prepared and ready, etc.), as well as set up prior and clean up after the meetings. PAN will supply the necessary capital to support the coordinator’s endeavors, with prior approval, as well as donated vegan items for the care packages.

Job qualifications include:

· Vegan for at least one year

· Lives in or near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

· Experience with grass roots or nonprofit organizations

· Organized

· Familiar with Excel

· Familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and/or other social media