Asha Sanctuary

Asha is a storybook sanctuary and home to Albert the Super Cow and his barnyard friends including chickens, a rooster, donkeys, turkeys, a goat, pigs, sheep, a cow, and a young steer. They all live at our sanctuary in peace and surrounded by love. We provide a safe place where people can meet these animals, establishing long lasting emotional relationships. We believe these human-animal connections will allow people to see these sweet, gentle animals as friends and not food, helping them to make the compassionate decision to go vegan.

Located in the heart of Niagara's orchards and vineyards on 27-acres of land, Asha is the perfect setting to begin the magic when people meet farmed animals for the first time and see how friendly, emotional and intelligent they are. We let the animals tell their story - a very simple one of just wanting to be loved. They tell us with a loving kiss, a warm nudge, and a still look that captures our hearts and changes our minds forever.

Our sanctuary helps to educate the community on cruel, yet standard, practices in the dairy industry and the sentient nature of cows through our Meet a Cow and Albert the Super Cow programs.

Asha provides support and encouragement by offering vegan cooking classes through Albert Super's Kitchen program.

We seek to connect like-minded individuals and businesses as well as the vegan-curious through the Buffalo Vegan Society, our community education program.

Asha just completed building the structure for an educational center in July 2018. The center will include a commercial kitchen, viewing area for an introductory/educational film on standard practices in animal agriculture, a gift shop, educational books and videos, handicapped accessible bathrooms and outdoor patios.

We are in near completion of our new duck habitat. A pond has been constructed, and we raised $10,000 to complete the project. The habitat will provide refuge to ducks that suffered horrifically in animal agriculture.

Asha Sanctuary's future vision is to be a safe place for people to enjoy and explore nature by providing hiking trails on our 27 acre preserved forest.

Asha Sanctuary 2969 Coomer Road, Newfane, NY, USA
Oct 03, 2018
Full time
Do you have what it takes to change the world? Please submit your resume and cover letter answering this question. Position: Executive Assistant to the President Location: Asha’s Sanctuary, 2969 Coomer Road, Newfane, NY 14108 As the Executive Assistant of Asha's Sanctuary (Asha), not-for-profit animal sanctuary, you are the administrator for a specialized non-profit organization that must follow various regulations. Your work is essential to the organization's compliance with these rules. The Executive Assistant is vital to the management of the entire agency. Following are just some of the duties of the Executive Assistant at Asha: Representing the President Asha's mission statement of rescuing, rehabilitating and providing a forever home for farmed animals and empowering people to make compassion choices to end their suffering by adopting a vegan lifestyle succinctly identifies the overall objective of our organization. As the Executive Assistant, you represent the President in carrying out this mission. You are the first line of communication with the outside world as you answer the telephone and greet visitors. You also may be tasked with running errands or representing Asha at various events. You will always exemplify professionalism and a positive image. As the President's representative, you must be punctual and timely in completing assigned tasks. The Executive Assistant also exercises a great deal of discretion, as you may frequently be provided with highly confidential information. Human Resource Responsibilities The Executive Assistant may perform numerous human resource tasks as we are a nonprofit organization operating with a small staff. The Executive Assistant may post open positions and schedule interviews with the President. You may also assist with employment paperwork and some payroll duties. The Executive Assistant also schedules performance evaluations at the direction of the President. You are also a liaison between the President and our organization's employees. Since our organization also relies on volunteers and interns to handle various responsibilities, you may have the responsibility of managing volunteer/interns lists and tracking their work hours. Event Planning Development is a major responsibility of the President. Asha relies heavily on donations and fund-raising for administrative costs and fulfillment of our mission. As the Executive Assistant, you will help with development efforts. You may type grant proposals or deliver documents to donors. You may also be tasked with managing a development calendar and keeping the President aware of deadlines and time frames. The Executive Assistant also assists with fund-raising event planning. Your responsibility may range from securing a venue and sending out invitations to organizing the entire event. Gathering Information The President of Asha is responsible for making sure that the organization is in compliance with the all regulations. As the President's Executive Assistant, you will be responsible for gathering and maintaining the documents that are necessary to ensure compliance. For monetary grants, your supervisor may have you maintain a filing system for receipts and invoices. You may also be tasked with preparing reports on these expenditures and providing them to the funding agency upon request. Communication The Executive Assistant handles the day-to-day communications for the President. You will operate as the organization's gatekeeper because most everything crosses your desk first. You will answer calls, take messages, schedules meetings and write letters or prepare draft press releases. You will open, sort mail and process as needed. You might respond to email inquiries or route them to the President. The Executive Assistant proofreads reports and written documents for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. You may also create draft communications for the director's overview. Financial The Executive Assistant handles basic bookkeeping responsibilities. You will track income, make bank deposits and complete monthly bank reconciliation under the supervision of the President. You may prepare payroll, generate checks for vendor supplies and executive review and update financial records. Preparing the monthly financial statements for the President's review and inclusion in board meetings is another task you perform.   Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or Higher Must strictly adhere to a vegan lifestyle   Hours: Monday - Friday (with one flexible day off) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday or Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Some evenings during special events Overtime may be required   Job Type: Full-time Salary: $27,300.00 /year   Experience: Executive Assistant: 1 year (Preferred)