Asha Sanctuary

Asha is a storybook sanctuary and home to Albert the Super Cow and his barnyard friends including chickens, a rooster, donkeys, turkeys, a goat, pigs, sheep, a cow, and a young steer. They all live at our sanctuary in peace and surrounded by love. We provide a safe place where people can meet these animals, establishing long lasting emotional relationships. We believe these human-animal connections will allow people to see these sweet, gentle animals as friends and not food, helping them to make the compassionate decision to go vegan.

Located in the heart of Niagara's orchards and vineyards on 27-acres of land, Asha is the perfect setting to begin the magic when people meet farmed animals for the first time and see how friendly, emotional and intelligent they are. We let the animals tell their story - a very simple one of just wanting to be loved. They tell us with a loving kiss, a warm nudge, and a still look that captures our hearts and changes our minds forever.

Our sanctuary helps to educate the community on cruel, yet standard, practices in the dairy industry and the sentient nature of cows through our Meet a Cow and Albert the Super Cow programs.

Asha provides support and encouragement by offering vegan cooking classes through Albert Super's Kitchen program.

We seek to connect like-minded individuals and businesses as well as the vegan-curious through the Buffalo Vegan Society, our community education program.

Asha just completed building the structure for an educational center in July 2018. The center will include a commercial kitchen, viewing area for an introductory/educational film on standard practices in animal agriculture, a gift shop, educational books and videos, handicapped accessible bathrooms and outdoor patios.

We are in near completion of our new duck habitat. A pond has been constructed, and we raised $10,000 to complete the project. The habitat will provide refuge to ducks that suffered horrifically in animal agriculture.

Asha Sanctuary's future vision is to be a safe place for people to enjoy and explore nature by providing hiking trails on our 27 acre preserved forest.