is a non-profit organization that advocates for the legal use of Kratom. The organization's mission is to support consumers and educate them about the benefits of this plant. It also works with law makers and government agencies to protect the rights of Kratom consumers. has five main goals: to provide consumers with evidence-based information about Kratom, educate legislators and regulators, and to promote consumer choice. The group believes that consumers are frequently ignored and they need to get a voice. They also want to educate people about Kratom as a natural alternative to many health conditions.
To help consumers make an informed decision about the safety of Kratom, has put out guidelines and standards to ensure that they are getting the best product. For example, the organization has recently updated its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program. These guidelines require manufacturers and retailers to adhere to strict manufacturing practices. They are also subject to annual audits by an independent auditor. has also introduced its own website, which aims to clear up misconceptions about Kratom and provide relevant information. The webpage is divided into sections focusing on scientific research and the industrial impact of Kratom. It also includes a community forum where members can discuss Kratom-related issues.
The website is easy to navigate. The site also provides tracking information so that customers can keep track of their orders. There are also helpful articles about Kratom and how to use it responsibly. The website is easy to use and has a blog section before a customer can buy a product.
Kratom is generally categorized into four color categories, which are known as Strains. Each strain has a distinct flavor, aroma and chemical composition. Green strains are the most powerful for physical trouble management. The effects of a Green strain last up to eight hours. White strains are ideal boosters and restlessness killers. The effects of white Kratom will last from three to five hours.