About The Plant-Based Network

The Plant-Based Network is the world’s largest lifestyle & entertainment TV network for plant-based living.  PBNET.TV

Our mission is to grow the plant-based movement by helping people, businesses, and organizations to be a catalyst for change so that everyone can enjoy better health and a greener planet.

We have streaming TV shows, movies, and events covering a wide variety of interests including plant-based/vegan cooking, travel, health, fitness, music, family, education, and shopping.

We also have several other divisions including:

Plant-Based Spotlight, our bi-monthly digital magazine

Plant-Based Events, our events management and marketing team

Plant-Based Learning, our online training program for plant-based living

Plant-Based Entrepreneurs, our business training and implementation services team

We are family-friendly, and strive to produce and share entertaining content that is positive, inclusive, compassionate, and fun!