The Humane League is an international nonprofit ending the abuse of animals raised for food. We work to reform the way farm animals are treated while also inspiring people to make more compassionate food choices. Our strategy includes hard-hitting corporate campaigns and wide-ranging outreach and education programs, supported by an extensive network of organizations, activists and supporters around the world.

In the US, we have on-the-ground organizers in major cities across the country. These grassroots staff build and strengthen local communities of changemakers that support our work and spread our message, amplifying our ability to create meaningful change for farm animals.

Our Campus Organizer program trains next-generation activists at colleges and universities across the US and in Canada. The year-long program helps young people learn the skills they need to advocate successfully for animals.

Internationally, we have offices in Mexico, the UK and Japan, where we are engaged in region-specific initiatives that are creating positive results.

Our reach extends globally with the Open Wing Alliance. Through grants and training, we work in partnership with organizations on every continent with the singular goal of ending cages for laying hens.

We bring a pragmatic, objective approach in evaluating and testing our methods to determine what creates the most impact. That’s the purpose of Humane League Labs, where we engage in direct testing to improve our vegan advocacy and education efforts.

Animals don’t have to suffer. Get involved to create the change.

The Humane League is a 501(c)3 and Certified Best In America by the Independent Charities of America, a designation reserved for the top 5% of non-profits nationwide based on the ICA's rigorous standards of financial efficiency. For five consecutive rating periods, The Humane League has been rated as one of the top animal charities in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators.