Charity Entrepreneurship

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a research and training program aimed at creating multiple high-impact charities annually with a focus on a number of cause areas, including animal advocacy. 
CE is a project of Charity Science Foundation of Canda (
80963 6236 RR0001).

Charity Entrepreneurship London, UK (or remote)
Oct 12, 2021
Full time
  ABOUT THIS ROLE By joining Charity Entrepreneurship as a  Research Analyst (RA) , you will  contribute to the number and type of charities we recommend and launch through identifying, analyzing, and comparing charity opportunities. The CE approach is designed to minimize the distance between research and impact – all research we conduct is rapidly implemented through our annual  Incubation Program . This means your work will have a clear and lasting impact. It has been estimated that each new effective charity is as valuable as donations of  $200,000- $400,000  to existing top charities, per year.  Previous CE research has led to the founding of three global health & development charities, four global health policy organizations, five animal advocacy charities, two mental health charities, one family planning nonprofit, and two Effective Altruism meta organizations. These include  Fortify Health ,  Charity...