Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

From social justice to public health to sustainability, factory farming is one of the most serious issues facing the planet.

By educating young people and stakeholder audiences about the realities of factory farming, FFAC works to build both a consumer base for a sustainable, compassionate food system and an informed citizenry that supports cultural and legislative change.


Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Oct 07, 2021
Full time
Ready to join the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition team? FFAC is seeking an educational coordinator in the Seattle, WA, area to raise awareness about factory farming and empower people to make sustainable, compassionate food choices. The primary responsibility is giving presentations to schools, businesses, and community groups about the impacts of factory farming on animals, workers, and the environment. The job also entails creating and maintaining ties with the local community, collaborating with aligned organizations, recruiting and managing student advocates, liaising with staff at local elected offices, and planning local events. Skills Required: We are seeking candidates who are:  Skilled at public speaking and comfortable facilitating discussions in classrooms Knowledgeable about factory farming and the food system Passionate about social justice as well as animal and environmental protection Effective at networking, and preferably...