Redemption is London's healthiest bar and restaurant. We are vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free and alcohol free. We have three restaurants all with a creative, flavoursome all day dining menu and a fully stocked dry bar.

We are passionate about making a positive impact and growing our brand to prove that indulgent food, drinks and socialising should not be at the expense of our health, animals or the planet!

We are looking for likeminded people who share our ethos and want to be part of a company that makes a difference.

We have competitive rates of pay, encourage training and development and empower our managers to be the best they can. We don't care what colour you are, who you love, worship or where you are from, we just want to have positive and passionate humans helping to grow out business and their skills.

Our motto is, spoil yourself without spoiling yourself. Eating a healthy plant based diet should not be boring or restrictive but flavoursome, nourishing and indulgent. From juicy burgers, innovative raw salads to raw desserts, we want our dishes and drinks to showcase the best in plant based food.

Our ethos is about creating not only a great customer experience but also helping improve the lives of our staff, animals and the planet by thinking consciously about what we eat and how we affect the city and world we live in.