Body and Soul Bakeshop

At Body & Soul Bakeshop, our small, diverse staff collectively value earth care, people care, community & high-quality foods. We have been crafting uncommonly delicious vegan baked goods and sharing them with our NYC community since 1993. We strive to create the best tasting, most wholesome products. Our baked goods never contain artificial ingredients, trans fats or unhealthy cholesterol. We use the best seasonal, locally sourced, non-GMO, organic ingredients whenever possible, and work with suppliers that share our values of sustainability and social responsibility. All of our great tasting food is carefully handcrafted in small batches at our Brooklyn kitchen and delivered fresh to you to ensure gourmet quality.

Body and Soul Bakeshop Manhattan, Brooklyn
Feb 28, 2019
Part time
Vegan bakery is looking for someone to join our Greenmarket sales staff. The job requires driving a cargo van to market, and (stamina, stamina, stamina) to set up and take down our stand, and sell our delicious vegan products to the most interesting New Yorker's in all sorts of weather conditions. You must love food and people, and be able react on the spot to all sorts of unexpected situations. Responsibility must be your second name! You will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the most delicious vegan food, and work in neighborhoods throughout NYC. Our team is friendly, and we know how to work and have fun.