Vegan Mainstream

Vegan Mainstream has been helping vegan entrepreneurs and business people since 2009. Headquarters are located in Kissimmee, Florida, but our team is international, and we travel across North America to share the message and expertise of Vegan Mainstream. Our work brings vegan entrepreneurs together and helps them to reach further into the nonvegan sphere, always moving us closer to a reality in which veganism is mainstream.

Vegan Mainstream Remote
Sep 12, 2021
To enhance our client’s experience, we are building an online training community. Our goal is to support our members, clients, and community by establishing a central location for all our training materials. We are using third-party software to manage our community, so we need someone to join the team as we finish the final phases of the launch. Once we launch the platform, this ideal candidate will help us maintain it. We are looking for someone with experience in growing and maintaining communities online. If our community grows as expected, we are looking for someone that can eventually manage a team of moderators.  This is a remote, part-time position; we are looking for someone who can work for about 5-10 hours a week. Here’s an example of the roles and responsibilities: Launch Phase:   Document community management plan Create training guides for the community  Set up onboarding process for new members...