Elizabeth's Gone Raw

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a Friday night only dining experience where our gorgeous venue is transformed into a fine-dining establishment offering a Seven Course Raw Foods Tasting Menu.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw began in 2009 as an expression and an experiment by founder & owner, Elizabeth Petty. During her experience with breast cancer she was introduced to vegan and raw foods as an access to better health, vitality and peace of mind. It was only natural to use her expertise and reputation in the food industry to share her newfound passion.

Elizabeth's Gone Raw Washington, DC, USA
Mar 13, 2018
Part time
Elizabeth's Gone Raw Seeks Experienced Wait Staff  Elizabeth's Gone Raw is the city's only fine dining raw vegan restaurant, and one of the few fine dining raw vegan restaurants in the country. We offer an unparalleled experience for our guests with a pre-fixe 7-course tasting menu, complete with optional wine pairing and organic cocktails. Who we are:  We are only open on Friday nights, and will soon open on Saturday nights as well. The menu changes every month, it's always a unique experience. We are one of the top-rated restaurants in the city on Open Table. We strive to provide a dining experience that is unlike any other in the world.  You: -Some of our staff have other restaurant jobs, and just commit Friday nights to us, some work in office environments and work with us on the side, some also work for the catering side of our company during the rest of the week as well. -Have some restaurant experience before applying -Have an interest in raw/vegan food -Have a kind and open demeanor. -Are willing to learn a new style of service  -Love serving the world's nicest guests! We have the best clientele in our restaurant  -Are available most or all Friday evenings to work, can start by 4:30pm if necessary. Extra Points:  Wine or cocktail knowledge is a plus!  We highly recommend reviewing the restaurant online before applying  Please do not respond to this ad without attaching a resume; detailing your relevant experience. Address your correspondence to Elizabeth Petty.