Gut Aiderbichl

Gut Aiderbichl is a sanctuary and home for all kind of rescued animals. We mostly take in animals in need, who otherwise would have to face the fate of being killed. As well asĀ animals, whose owners see no other way to ensure a safe and animal friendly life for their dearest companions, than trusting Gut Aiderbichl to take care of them. Over the years this has led to many hundred rescues and many, many hundred animals, who live a happy life at one of our Gut Aiderbichl places now.

Animals at Gut Aiderbichl do not have to work. They do not have to endure any kind of exploiting and are being treated as equals. The main aim is to ensure a happy and healthy long life for each and every single animal we take in.

What we are aiming for:

  • To create awareness and communicate values
  • To promote changes in legislation
  • To investigate causes of animal distress
  • To implement and monitor animal rights in the economy
  • To help animals in need!!!