Our ORGANIC Cold Pressed Juices promote health and vitality without the modern inventions of food processing and pesticide use - only through the honest use of ORGANIC and fresh produce. 

Cold Pressing is a process that involves a slow and gentle action of crushing and pressing fresh produce to extract the juice. Minimal heat and minimal friction is used, ensuring the fruit and vegetable vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain intact during the extraction. Unlike common centrifugal methods, cold pressing minimises the amount of air that is in contact with the juice. This significantly slows down the oxidation and decomposition process keeping the juice fresh for up to 3 days without losing its nutritional integrity.

Nov 08, 2018
Part time
If blending the ultimate, thickest and most delicious smoothie is your thing, or you have an eye for making a great looking Acai bowl, then we'd love to hear from you. Our ideal candidate will have an interest in nutrition and vegan food, and also be passionate about organic produce. Essentially, a rockstar! If you are barista trained, even better. You’ll regularly help our customers to understand the nutritional benefits to our products whilst delivering truly sensational food and a great experience. Working for CPRESS you will: Develop and strengthen your ability to work in a fast paced and exciting environment. Help educate our customers as to the nutritional benefits of our juice, food and coffee. Raise awareness about a healthy and organic lifestyle. Learn the skills to up your wellness game! Have a flexible work-life balance. Grow and learn something new everyday. Get healthier – it just can’t be avoided when you work for us! On an average day you might: Ring up customer orders. Engage with our customers to deliver great customer service and useful health tips. Maintain freshness and restock the juice fridge. Blend smoothies and acai bowls, and everyone’s fave, avocado toast. Deliver world class service that brings smiles to people faces. Clean and organise the shop. Deal with food prep for our delicious bowls, get ready to be a part of something healthy, community driven and successful.