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Vervet Monkey Foundation Tzaneen, South Africa
Feb 19, 2019
Full time
  This position will fulfill the needs of the Vervet Monkey Foundation by ensuring our ever increasing numbers of volunteers, interns and staff are provided with nutritionally complete, varied and tasty vegan meals throughout their stay and by participating in our vegan outreach initiatives. Full time voluntary position with occasional on call duties Length of period: Long term, min 6 months (shorter stays negotiable as well)  Visa requirements – 1-3 year volunteer visa, please check with your local embassy for updated information. You will usually need to apply within your home country.   Responsibilities: Providing (with the help of volunteers and potential intern) 2 vegan meals per day (lunch and dinner) for our volunteers, interns and staff members Ensuring that all allergies and food sensitivities are taken into account and alternative meals are provided when necessary (including, gluten free, nut free, soya free, etc) Driving and participating in vegan outreach initiatives Encouraging civil, non-judgmental discussions about veganism and conservation amongst volunteers and staff Assisting with vegan workshops onsite to educate and encourage volunteers to adopt plant-based when they return home Attending volunteer meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and participate where necessary. Attending staff meetings and participate where necessary. There will be the opportunity to become involved with fundraising, promotion projects and other monkey tasks around the foundation if interested. This list is not exhausted and may vary depending on season or changes to the foundation.   Attributes required for the position: Excellent organization skills, particularly related to kitchen items Reliable, flexible, patient and responsible Vegan advocacy and outreach experience Basic computer skills – word and excel Able to create a daily ever changing work schedule Manual driving license (preferred) Able to speak to volunteers in groups between 1-40 Work on own initiative Perform all tasks in the best interest of the foundation, monkeys and the volunteers. Certificate in First Aid (not essential) Strong interest in wildlife conservation Able to work in a hot climate at times Able to work as a team leader with people of different personalities and backgrounds Able to live and volunteer in the same community of people with changeable dynamics Positivity & enthusiasm   Qualifications / Experience: Min 4 GCSE’s with further education or equivalent Experience in supervising / managing people (preferred but not essential) Previous volunteer experience / experience with animals Min of 2 years in the working environment   Accommodation provided & living conditions: Basic accommodation includes - staying in a wooden cabin which includes 1 pillow, 1 bed & mattress, 1 sheet, 1 pillowcase, shelves. There is no electricity at the village but a few solar lights. Electricity is provided at the main cottage to recharge items such as cell phones etc. Eco-toilets and bush showers with hot and cold water Main meals are eaten at the cottage & are all vegan, no meat, fish, cheese, dairy or eggs to be brought on to the premises. We ask you to adopt a vegan diet whilst here. Cottage area comprises of – kitchen area with fridge, dining tables, internet computer, electricity. Patio area. A monthly stipend may be offered depending on length of commitment and experience.   Location – Tzaneen: Climate is tropical being hot and humid in the rainy season, summer Nov – Feb and dry and cooler in winter May – October. Tzaneen is not a malaria area but Kruger park and other local attractions are, prophylactics can be used and obtained via the doctor in Tzaneen if necessary Tzaneen town is 25km from the centre with a shopping mall. Approx situated 1 hour from Kruger National Park   Working environment: The foundation is 25 hectares in size with over 570 vervet monkeys. Working partly outdoors, supervising and introducing volunteers to some areas involves walking up a slight hill. Applicants must be physically fit. Carry a radio to communicate with others on site, carry a cellphone at all times. Please note there will be times when volunteers will ask questions outside of working hours, this is part of communal living and so we ask people to see it as enjoyable getting to know people rather than a hindrance. Admin – using a computer   Holiday: You are entitled to one and a half days off per week and 15 days holiday per year to go touring at quiet times and providing we have enough cover. The number of days will increase by one per year until you reach max of 20 days per year. Please note it’s not always possible to have days off, it’s essential to ensure that everything is looked after before having a day off. Longer working hours are also possible for this position. Public holidays – you will normally be asked to work whole days on public holidays unless there is sufficient cover whereby it may be possible on occasions to have a half day.    
PETA Los Angeles, CA, USA
Feb 17, 2019
Full time
Position Objectives: PETA has the most-engaged social media audience of any advocacy organization. Sustain and grow PETA’s reach and online presence, be a visionary for PETA’s social efforts, and drive PETA’s messages, making sure they resonate with the public. Through innovative social media marketing, our Director of Digital Marketing will ensure our campaigns make a splash with influencers and the media, push forward PETA's edgy animal rights message, and are timely with current events and trends.   Primary Responsibilities and Duties: • Supervise PETA's social media managers and live social media strategists • Oversee PETA's presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram • Oversee PETA's live coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (including for protests, celebrity photoshoots, events breaking news, and more) • Oversee PETA's social media responding to the public and influencers • Work with other PETA departments to collaborate on creative social media marketing initiatives • Work with other marketing department managers (including for PETA's PETA Latino and peta2 programs) on implementing initiatives and new strategies • Oversee research and analysis to support and monitor PETA's social media efforts • Perform any other duties assigned by the Vice President of Marketing   Qualifications: • College degree in a related field or equivalent experience • Minimum of five years of online marketing and content marketing experience • Minimum of two years of management experience • Thorough understanding of complex marketing concepts and strategies • Proven excellent verbal and written communication skills • Proven excellent project management, strategic thinking, and analytical skills • Support for and knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA campaigns • Professional appearance and adherence to a healthy vegan lifestyle • Willingness and ability to travel • Commitment to the objectives of the organization
Peaceful Dumpling
Feb 14, 2019
Peaceful Dumpling is the web’s premier healthy lifestyle digital media company. We provide premium content spanning everything healthy living, vegan recipes, healthy eating, mind and body, wellness, fitness & yoga, natural beauty, and more. With more than 300 expert writers (including holistic nutritionists, certified yoga teachers, professional dancers, elite athletes, and professional editors), attentively curated content, and an authentic sense of community, Peaceful Dumpling is the destination for all things peaceful and inspired. We are looking for freelance contributors to add to our amazing editorial team.   Qualifications -Passion for healthy living (yoga, vegan food, fitness, natural beauty, sustainability, climate change & environment) -Ability to find compelling, original, and topical pitches in areas of health, fitness, food, and wellness -Ability to write informative and well-supported, yet warm and personal prose style. We want to see your personality come through! -Familiarity with social media -Excellent photography skills using a DSLR camera   Benefits -Pay per post after successful completion of 2 trial articles -Ability to grow with the company: All of our Staff editors started out as freelance contributors. -Valuable experience writing for a highly regarded and popular media site: A number of our contributors have started with no previous digital media writing background, and have used PD as a platform to launch their professional writing and editing careers. -The chance to reach a massive audience -Clips for your writing portfolio: Your PD articles with its greater exposure, high social shares, and readership will strengthen your portfolio. -A chance to be part of a true community: PD provides a real home where you feel connected with both the readers and the writers. You will love connecting with people who truly care about your work. -Mentoring: In keeping with our mission of growing together, PD provides mentoring, advice, and networking to further your career in digital media.   Please email the following in the cover letter only. Your attachments will not be read. Why you want to write for Peaceful Dumpling. Please pitch a topic you’d like to explore in an article for PD, in 2-3 sentences. Your social media links. Thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to hearing from you!
The Open Sanctuary Project Boulder, CO, USA
Feb 13, 2019
Remote Work
Introduction The Open Sanctuary Project, Inc. is searching for an editor! This is a paid, full-time position for the nonprofit organization. The editor will research, draft, and publish resources for farmed animal sanctuaries which are released on . The role may additionally require occasional travel, and participation in multimedia content production such as videos or audio supplements.  For regulatory reasons, the editor must be based in the United States. What Is The Open Sanctuary Project? The Open Sanctuary Project is a freely accessible, always growing digital guide for any resources or information one may need in order to successfully create and manage an animal sanctuary or to provide the best possible care to farmed animals in order to help them live long, healthy, happy lives free of exploitation. All resources are researched and responsibly crafted with the intention of maximizing compassionate ongoing care for animals in need of help and sanctuary, without any promotion or advocacy for their use. What does a contributor to The Open Sanctuary Project need? Appropriate voice: The Open Sanctuary Project’s resources are intended to help anyone seeking information on compassionate farmed animal care, regardless of their background. Due to the nature of how it’s distributed, there’s no way of knowing a reader’s beliefs, ethical background, or level of experience. Therefore, all resources must be written in a welcoming, nonjudgmental, non-assumptive voice. The only baseline for all resources must be compassion to residents and humans. The Open Sanctuary Project, while a veganic resource, is not necessarily a resource about veganism. While we deeply appreciate our community of animal rights activists and the work that they do, The Open Sanctuary Project must remain nonpartisan to be as effective as possible. Our primary goal is to improve compassionate care standards, safety, and improve organizational standards at farmed animal sanctuaries around the world. Because animal sanctuaries lack a defined legal standard, a contributor must be mindful that there exists a wide spectrum of care standards and philosophies for farmed animal care; challengingly, The Open Sanctuary Project must be a valuable resource to the whole spectrum of animal sanctuaries, but a contributor must also know when to advocate for a minimum care standard that must be adhered to to protect residents. In addition, much of the content of The Open Sanctuary Project is focused not on resident care, but on nonprofit best practices as they pertain to animal sanctuaries. Contributors must be able to synthesize a wide range of complex topics into helpful guides for sanctuary staff members who may not have a background in business, public relations, fundraising, or human resources. Passion for independent research: Due to the nature of animal agriculture, many resources created by The Open Sanctuary Project may be the first publicly available compassionate resources of their kind. This means that it can be highly challenging to find accurate compassionate care information for many topics, or information specifically pertaining to animal sanctuaries. Much of a contributor’s day will involve independent research from a wide variety of sources to find the compassionate core of a subject matter. A contributor must have a research background and the skills to distinguish a compassionate practice from a non-compassionate practice, even in agricultural resources. Superb communication: Contributors to The Open Sanctuary Project must be able to effectively communicate with and listen to the experts when crafting resources. We do not expect contributors to have any particular experiential background beyond a desire for a more compassionate world; contributors must be willing to reach out to people in the know and professionally represent The Open Sanctuary Project and our mission. As a close-knit team, contributors must be able to work collaboratively, discuss their findings, and be open to dialogues about editorial and content decisions. Collaborators must also be able to synthesize information from multiple experts that very well may be conflicting to create a comprehensive resource that is both accurate and would not be poorly received by an expert who provided information for it. Adherence to the mission: The Open Sanctuary Project works within a framework of responsible resource publication. For us, this means appreciating the limitations of what can be taught in an online resource. The Open Sanctuary Project is not a veterinary resource, nor will it ever necessarily contain everything an animal sanctuary operator must know to succeed. Some topics would not be responsible to publish, especially if doing so could potentially endanger a resident due to an overconfident caregiver who may lack hands-on training with an expert. A contributor may find information about dosages, treatments, and other care-specific guidelines; they must be able to discern what goes into the resource, what stays out of the resource, and what might need to be specifically pointed out as “something a reader shouldn’t exclusively learn about on the internet”. Contributors must be able to exercise extreme caution regularly in terms of what is appropriate to publish. Enthusiasm to revise content: As The Open Sanctuary Project’s knowledge base (and the knowledge pool of its contributors and the farmed animal sanctuary movement) grows, resources will need to be frequently revised to reflect the newest information, style evolutions of The Open Sanctuary Project, and referencing new resources as they’re published. A contributor should be ready and enthusiastically willing to revise and update content proactively as new information is learned and shared throughout the team. Big dreams, actionable ideas: The Open Sanctuary Project is a relatively new organization, and we do not have all the answers as it pertains to animal sanctuaries, how to best connect to audiences, or which multimedia approaches may be most effective in sharing our mission. We want contributors to help us think critically about where to use our resources and how best to spread our mission. Respect for everyone: Contributors to The Open Sanctuary Project will be working closely with people from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, and will be responsible for public-facing statements. They must be professional, respectful, and considerate to those they work with and communicate to at all times. Suggested contributor background: Professional background in academic research or journalism Background in and working knowledge of ethical veganism and its philosophies At least 3 published writing samples Experience with writing for diverse audiences Experience with Wordpress a plus Experience working at or volunteering with animal sanctuaries a plus Experience in nonprofit management or animal care a plus Multimedia or web content production experience a plus
PETA Washington, DC, USA
Feb 12, 2019
Full time
Position Objectives: Media relationships are critical to PETA's methodology, and the media relations team is a crucial part of PETA's U.S. and international media campaign strategy. The media relations team develops and maintains relationships with the media, helps develop stories about PETA’s serious work, and sets the approach for the presentation of those stories. The media director will be responsible for leading that team and ensuring its success for PETA.   Primary Responsibilities and Duties: • Research and identify appropriate local and international media outlets for placing coverage of PETA's critical investigative, scientific, legal, and corporate animal-protection campaigns. • Pitch PETA’s serious efforts to reporters, editors and producers. • Oversee the cultivation and maintenance of professional relationships with these selected media outlets • Train the media relations team in PETA's unique writing style and publication approach and lead the team in developing powerful, newsworthy stories on the domestic and international levels • Set the strategy for presenting stories to selected U.S.-based European, U.S., and international media outlets to secure coverage • In time, develop and oversee a media specialist team in presenting PETA's critical campaigns to the media. Conduct interviews and hire media specialists for the team, manage and be responsible for the performance of staff, conduct performance evaluations, and assign and supervise work activities   Qualifications: • Degree in a related field • Demonstrated extensive knowledge of the media industry • Proven ability to deal with a variety of people in a professional manner • Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously • Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines • Effective public speaking abilities • Professional appearance and adherence to a healthy vegan lifestyle • Willingness and ability to travel • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and a satisfactory driving record • Support for PETA’s philosophy and the ability to advocate PETA’s positions on issues professionally • Commitment to the objectives of the organization
Green & Away Bransford, Worcester, UK
Feb 12, 2019
Introduction Green & Away is looking for a number of passionate and hardworking individuals to join the summer internship programme across 6 departments: catering, events, hospitality, office management, technical and maintenance, and sustainability and education. Interns will be responsible for the daily operation of their departments, including management of a team of volunteers. On the job training and an induction will be provided in the first week, with continual guidance from a dedicated member of the trustee board. You will have the opportunity to measure your progress through regular check-ins with the Interns Manager. Interns will join the volunteers during the setting up and taking down of the site. Successful applicants for the internship programme will work well as part of a team as well as independently, enjoy taking on new challenges and responsibility and have an interest in sustainability, charity work, ecotourism, and outdoor living. You will gain considerable management experience and learn about the challenges involved in sustainable living and environmental education. Green & Away is an entirely volunteer-run organisation and as an educational charity, teaching our interns has been an integral part of our work for over ten years. All interns are expected to stay on site throughout the season and are provided with 3 vegetarian meals a day and a space to pitch your own tent. There will be regular days off and some opportunities for off-site group activities, for example canoeing or visiting likeminded eco-businesses, during quieter periods of the season. Catering Management Green & Away is seeking up to three interns who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of our field kitchen, catering daily for approximately 30 people in between events and up to 200 when an event is in progress. Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to: planning vegetarian menus, stock management, placing orders with our local and organic suppliers, food preparation and baking, and ensuring the hygiene and tidiness of the kitchen area. You will lead and motivate a team of volunteers, developing rotas to ensure the tasks of the kitchen are completed on time. The role therefore requires a high level of organisation, a passion for food, a real enjoyment of working with others, and great people skills. Experience of working with food is desirable but not essential as your skills will develop over the course of the internship. This is a demanding but rewarding role which would suit those seeking experience in managing a team, event catering, food preparation, ethical procurement, and resource management. Event Management Green & Away is seeking an intern to help coordinate event bookings, assist with event management and take care of delegates during their stay. You will take a leading role in liaising with event organisers before and during the event while you are site and you will be the main point of contact for event organisers for the duration of their time at Green & Away. Responsibilities will involve liaising with volunteers, guests and the kitchen in the run-up to and during events and assisting the Event Manager to see to a well-run event. You will work closely with the Hospitality and Office departments to lead teams of volunteers to ensure that event attendees have the best possible experience of Green & Away, and gain direct experience of managing events with upwards of 200 attendees. You will also take the lead on organising events such as our annual Open Day, to showcase Green & Away to our local community and nearby groups, businesses and organisations. This placement will offer you practical experience in events management, sustainable tourism, and customer service and will suit an organised, confident individual, who enjoys taking initiative, multi-tasking and problem solving . Hospitality and Housekeeping Green & Away is seeking two interns to help take care of our guests, assist with running our bar and cafe and manage the on site accommodation throughout our busy season. You will be the main point of contact for guests from the moment they arrive until the end of their stay and will be responsible for furnishing and keeping the rental tents and camping field in perfect condition for our guests. Responsibilities will involve administering online accommodation bookings and liaising with volunteers, guests and the Events, Office and Catering departments to ensure that everyone who stays at Green & Away feels welcome and taken care of. You will lead teams to turn around accommodation, clean the facilities, restock and run the bar and café as well as maintaining the wider aesthetics of the site. The placement will offer you practical experience in sustainable tourism, hospitality and customer service. This will suit a warm, creative and organised individual with an eye for detail, who enjoys helping others, multi-tasking and doesn't mind a bit of elbow grease. Office Management Green & Away is seeking up to two interns who will be responsible for maintaining the day-to-day running of the venue, managing the attendance of our volunteers as well as undertaking research projects such as funding sources and future events to further the organisation both as a business and an environmentally minded charity. Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering phone calls and responding to emails, financial admin and accounting, placing food/supplies orders and generally supporting the Co-ordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly on-site. You will also be the point of call for volunteers, welcoming and inducting new arrivals (both guests and volunteers), managing job rotas, assisting other interns in their role and liaising with our local neighbours and suppliers. You will be tasked with research projects, preparation for future seasons as well as the running of our social media accounts. This placement will offer you an opportunity to learn about project and office management, problem-solving, working in a charity and events organising. This varied role will suit a highly organised, approachable, conscientious and driven individual, with a good eye for detail and who is comfortable with responsibility. You will be as happy doing basic daily admin as you are at undertaking detailed research. Technical and Maintenance Green & Away is seeking two interns with an interest in renewable energy, sustainability, off-grid living, up-cycling and construction. You will be involved in various tasks such as structural checks and maintenance of marquees and tents, installation of plumbing, lighting of fires and restocking firewood, and building or repairing items on site. You will also help set up and maintain our solar arrays, making sure the charging station and lights are ready for the needs of all on site, therefore some knowledge/interest of electrical engineering is desirable but not essential. Often physical and hands-on, this placement will also offer you experience in teamwork and leadership, site and task management as well as the practical aspects of maintenance, renewable technologies, health and safety and sustainability. This challenging and rewarding role would be best suited to a motivated, creative individual who relishes working outdoors and is not afraid of undertaking plenty of responsibility. Sustainability and Education Green & Away is seeking an intern to undertake tasks dedicated to sustainability strategy and education management during the season. This role will involve research, assessment and presentation of Green & Away’s sustainable practices, such as analysing our food procurement and measuring our carbon footprint. You will also be responsible for arranging workshops and talks for volunteers and guests through a varied education programme, assisted by the trustees. You will be laying the groundwork for Green & Away to undertake new projects and improve on its practices as an ethical organisation and environmental charity, coming up with new ideas and written policies. This placement will offer you experience in research, report preparation and project management and is best suited to an organised, independent worker with a passion for sustainable development or outdoor education. Duration and travel All internships will start on 10 June 2019 and end around mid August. Successful applicants will camp on site for the duration of the placement and will have about two days off a week. Green & Away is located 3 miles from Worcester which has a main line rail station and buses which come to a few minutes walk of our site. Please see our website for travel information. Accommodation and facilities Green & Away takes place outdoors and under canvas. You will need your own tent, however we may be able to arrange one for you if you are unable to bring one. Full board is provided (3 vegetarian meals a day and regular tea breaks with cake!). The site has hot showers, clothes washing facilities and composting toilets. A licensed bar, comfortable sitting areas and arts and crafts facilities come as and when we have built them. There is WiFi and phone/laptop charging facilities. Please note, when you first arrive the field will be almost empty (although our toilets and showers will be operating), so please be prepared for this. Although G&A is set up on the outskirts of a small village near Worcester, the nearest shop and post office is 2 miles away. Costs Green & Away does not pay any of its volunteers, trustees or interns. We provide 3 vegetarian meals a day to everyone volunteering on site. Your only cost throughout the internship will be your travel or any drinks and snacks you choose from the bar. How to apply Applications should consist of a CV and a one-page covering letter explaining why you would like to be an intern with Green & Away, which internship you are applying for, which aspects of our work particularly appeal to you, and what you would bring to the role. You are welcome to apply for a placement in more than one department. Interviews will be conducted via Skype/video conferencing on a rolling basis with selections being made in May , so do apply as early as you can. Please send applications by 14 April 2019 by email to Daniel at:
PETA Norfolk, VA, USA
Feb 12, 2019
Full time
Position Objective: To take primary responsibility for the accurate and timely packing of all literature and inventory requests from PETA activists and staff members of the PETA Foundation and its supported organizations   Primary Responsibilities and Duties: • Fulfill literature requests for the PETA Foundation and its supported organizations from various sources • Prepare and stock premade packs • Prepare address files for labels and mail merges • Train PETA interns and volunteers in proper packing techniques • Assist visitors to the department • Restock inventory • Stock fulfillment supplies • Assist the mailroom clerk • Run departmental errands • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor   Qualifications: • High school diploma or equivalent experience • Demonstrated customer service skills • Knowledge of the Internet, e-mail, and Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel software • Proven exceptional attention to detail • Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication skills • Proven ability to work well under pressure • Demonstrated excellent organizational skills • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. on a regular basis • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver's license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and a satisfactory driving record • Commitment to the objectives of the organization
Public Records Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Feb 07, 2019
Full time
New F&B/Music venue hiring for all positions. Music lovers, musicians, and vinyl collectors are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have a strong work ethic, previous restaurant experience, and a warm personality.
PETA Norfolk, VA, USA
Feb 06, 2019
Full time
Position Objective: As a Corporate Giving Assistant, you are a fundraiser with a unique opportunity to be creative and share your enthusiasm for discovering vegan/cruelty-free companies and the products they sell. You will develop, maintain and propose strategies for over 100 of PETA’s business partners, cultivate prospects and leverage your relationships with companies to support PETA’s work.   Primary Responsibilities and Duties: In consultation with PETA and in verified compliance with the objectives, standards, and requirements communicated by it: • Maintaining and cultivating fundraising relationships with PETA’s business partners and prospects. • Develop and propose customized strategies and leveraging your relationships with companies to support PETA’s work via in-kind product donations and major gifts. • Support aspects of donor engagement in the social-media environment. Grow and enhance cultivation platforms including the PETA Mall website, its Facebook and Twitter pages, PETA’s coupon page, email campaigns and others. • Discover new company prospects and actively promote the PETA Business Friends and other corporate giving programs. • Draft responses to inquiries about a wide range of fundraising and animal rights topics and respond to inbound e-mails from PETA supporters, fundraisers, and third-party fundraising organizations. • Establish and maintain strong professional relationships with staff at all levels of PETA and the PETA Foundation, and with PETA’s business partners. • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor   Qualifications: • Minimum of two years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising, corporate giving or philanthropic business partnerships. • Proven ability to maintain professional working relationships with members, supporters and business partners. • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle multiple projects under tight deadlines in a professional manner • Demonstrated ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times. • Professional appearance, adherence to a healthy vegan lifestyle and familiar with vegan/cruelty-free shopping. • Ability to represent PETA's philosophy and professionally advocate PETA's positions on issues. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Professional experience with social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. • Proficiency with a variety of Microsoft Office programs and WordPress. • Commitment to the objectives of the organization.