About Vegan Job Board

Welcome to the Vegan Mainstream Job Board! Want to know a little bit more about us and what the job board is all about? Read on…

Who's the Vegan Mainstream Job Board for?

The Vegan Mainstream Job Board was created with vegans like you in mind! One of our passions at Vegan Mainstream is helping people to do work that is in line with their ethics… i.e. putting job-seeking vegans in touch with ethical businesses looking for like-minded employees. So, the job board serves both business owners/managers and job seekers.

The Job Board’s Mission

The Vegan Mainstream Job Board is just one of the free/low-cost resources that Vegan Mainstream offers to assist in making ethically based work more accessible and widespread. The word “vegan” is often associated with food and restaurants, but on this job board you will find many vegan career opportunities -- not only in the food industry, such as vegan chef positions -- but also animal-friendly jobs in general (like animal farm and sanctuary positions), as well as other professional jobs that make a positive, useful contribution related to veganism / animal friendliness (i.e. Communications, IT and Research positions). Vegans can (and do) work in every single industry there is, and when they do, the world becomes a better place, motivated by compassion and a high ethical standard. If someone defines themselves as a vegan professional – regardless of their profession – they are making a statement about their ethics, and the way they conduct themselves in life and in business. They are making a stand against cruelty, and for compassion and a sustainable future. So the mission of the job board is to make the business world more vegan and ethically based by supporting vegan companies, business owners, job-seekers and entrepreneurs who are thinking along the same lines.

Who is Vegan Mainstream?

Vegan Mainstream was created by Stephanie Redcross West in 2009 to help vegans make their business dreams a reality. Since then Vegan Mainstream has helped hundreds of vegans align their ethics with the work they do on a daily basis.

Stephanie Redcross West: Stephanie has years of experience as a business coach and has been a vegan entrepreneur herself since 2009. Before that she worked with Fortune 500 companies, developing marketing strategy, creating customer loyalty programs, and launching global marketing campaigns.

Darren Van Es: Darren is based in Spain and joined the Vegan Mainstream team in 2017 as job board and social media manager. He has an active interest in whole food, plant-based nutrition and is in the process of obtaining a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through eCornell.

Emma Levez Larocque: Emma has been working with Vegan Mainstream since 2010, editing, writing and doing a whole host of other jobs too! Emma is also a vegan entrepreneur, running her business as a plant-based nutritionist and chef in British Columbia, Canada.