Why A Vegan Job Board

This Jobs Board is celebrated as a new era in job advertising and job seeking. It has continued to expand enabling animal cruelty-free companies to advertise for vegetarian or vegan employees seeking work in ethical businesses.

The Jobs Board advertises an ever-increasing variety and number of jobs – from engineering to IT to arts-based positions – for all types of candidates, whether entry or senior level. Vegan Mainstream’s Jobs Board is open to employers all over the world and is Free for a 30-day listing. This amount not only advertises a vacancy on the Jobs Board, but also syndicates it to vegan and vegetarian forums, social media platforms and Vegan Mainstream newsletters, guaranteeing extra visibility. An easy application process also means that employers have the hard work done for them since candidates apply online via the job board.

“Vegan and vegetarians are in pursuit of careers that support their personal ethics, however, there are limited tools providing a central depository of professional jobs,” says Stephanie Redcross, Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream (VM). “By using our Jobs Board, businesses no longer have to rely solely on word-of-mouth to find vegan or vegetarian employees – it puts the power back into the small business owners’ hands.”