Eden was the first vegan farmed animal sanctuary to open in Ireland in 2008. It is run by one Director with volunteer help. Eden is home to more than 100 rescued farmed animals including chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and sheep.

Eden promotes the abolition of animal use through its vegan education centre, Matilda’s Promise.

Veganism is also promoted through clinical interventions at The Compassion Foundation of Ireland, a psychology practice that offers a Compassionate Eating & Living Programme.

Volunteers engage in a range of tasks that ensure the residents have the best possible quality of life at Eden.  Work also entails sanctuary maintenance and construction work such as fencing, digging ponds, repairing residents’ houses etc.  In addition to looking after the residents, tasks include research, fund raising, education, promotion of animal rights through social media, website maintenance, veganic gardening etc.

Eden offers several positions for volunteers, interns and paid staff.  Residential positions offered. Please enquire for further details.

Please apply on the job listing page, via our website, or email edenanimalsanctuary@yahoo.ie  You will be invited to read the job description and conditions of work attached to your position preference, and to submit an application form along with two references. This is followed by an interview which can be arranged via Skype if you do not live in Ireland.